This hardworking Canadian indie rock band formed in Vancouver B.C. in 2004 and has had a strong and steady career of international tours and full length releases ever since. Integrating elements of punk, lo-fi, funk, pop, post punk, folk rock, and avant-garde ideas, ok vancouver ok is sure to keep audiences engaged and excited. The current lineup comprised of Jeff Johnson(lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), KMVP (bass, vocals,) and Laura House (drums)has been building a reputation as poetic, thought-provoking and forthright, with captivating live shows. 

Ok Vancouver Ok aims to build hope and momentum towards a radical shift in our collective cultures and daily lives through dynamic performances and well a well curated collection of DIY/DIT releases. Their latest effort, Black Part of Light, was released on Swiss label Bongo Joe. They have a forthcoming 7" released on French label Six Tonnes de Chair. 

B L A C K  P A R T  O F  L I G H T (2016)

Praise for Black Part of Light: 

I N F L U E N C E S ( 2014)

Praise for Influences:

"While Influences lacks a standout track, this appears deliberate. The album, in its entirety, is a dreamy masterpiece. It takes form after a complete listen, with the bass and guitar ebbing and flowing from song-to-song, while up-tempo beats from the drums provide an overall unique mood. Ok Vancouver Ok has succeeded in producing a smooth sound filled with hazy, raw individuality." - Discorder Magazine, 2015

"Just love that band so much" - Zach Burba, Iji front man

"Jeff Johnson’s approach to songwriting is without boundaries or barriers. Rules weren’t even a consideration, so the emotion in the music cuts clean through. Very refreshing and interesting music to listen to while sober or medicated." - Jesse Gander, Rice and Bread Mag, 2014 


Praise for Food Shelter Water:

"Cup your tea, hold hands, and make time for this record." - Weird Canada, 2013

"The folks in OK Vancouver OK meet adversity head-on with optimism, alternative vision, and stubborn resistance through Jeff Johnson’s poetic and heartfelt songs." - The Mainlander, 2013 

"Food Shelter Water is subtle, creative and beautiful music with an environmental message." - Northern Transmissions, 2013